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Blue Serum 4+1 Advantage Package

Blue Serum 4+1 Advantage Package
Blue Serum 4+1 Advantage Package
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Blue Serum 4+1 Advantage Package
Blue Serum 4+1 Advantage Package
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Blue Serum 4+1 Advantage Package

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Yerli Üretim Doğal Ürün Dermo Tested Alcohol Free Geri Dönüşüm


    Blue Serum, which has reached the title of hero of hair and has become an important brand with its awareness and benefit to the consumer, is now with you with its 4-advantage package and dermoroller gift.

    This set consisting of 4 Blue Serums and Dermarollers created for a special care for your hair is very advantageous for both price and complete care.

    While the blue serum provides the vitamins that the hair needs, it also penetrates the roots of the scalp and acts in this area. On the other hand, micro-damages created on the scalp with dermaroller support trigger the body's repair process and support the production of excessive collagen to heal skin damage.

    For those who want to have a healthy and effective hair care, you can make a complete care for your hair with the 4 + 1 Uraw Set, where you will see its effect faster and have a more advantageous price.


    With the use of dermaroller, your scalp is stimulated and this area starts to breathe. Uraw Dermaroller, produced to stimulate the skin and react to problems, opens micro channels on the scalp. The effectiveness of the blue serum you use increases  to the opened micro channels sith dermo roller, breathing skin feels injured and provides collagen production and begins to repair itself, and  the scalp begins to renew itself.

    use of dermo rOLLER & blue serum

    Apply the Dermaroller to the scalp, non-hair growth or sparse areas by light pressure for 2-3 minutes. After waiting for 5 minutes, apply Blue Serum to the scalp by friction (massage by rubbing the scalp).

    Repeat these processes 2 times a day


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