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Prime Color Prime Color
PRIME COLOR There are various reasons for graying hair. Hair turns white due to aging, stress and traumas, pituitary gland disorders, genetic , anemia, but one of the biggest reasons is that the body has reduced or completely stopped the production of melanin and keratin.Uraw Prime Color contribute..
URAW BONE MARROW MASK The nettle plant which is present in the formula of the raw bone marrow mask effectively protects hair from external factors, supports you to get strong, shiny and healthy-looking hair with Pine Turpentine. While taking care of fast hair growth with horsetail extract, gentian ..
Uraw Mavi Serum Forte (100 ML) Uraw Mavi Serum Forte (100 ML)
  BLUE SERUM, WİTH 9 TIMES POWERFUL THAN FORTE FORM Uraw Blue Serum, which has become an important brand in hair care, 9 herbal essences were added to the formula and now the powerful BLUE SERUM with a new formula that works wonders for your hair. The new Blue Serum is enriched with Nettle oi..
  URAW HAIR KERATIN MILK Uraw Hair Keratin Milk contains no chemical and synthetic product with hydrolyzed pure keratin, which helps strengthen and nourish your hair. With elderberry extract rebuild hair natural structure refiles the outer damage of hair nourish protects and strengthens the d..
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