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Uraw Pudralı Krem

Uraw Pudralı Krem
Uraw Pudralı Krem
Uraw Pudralı Krem
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Uraw Pudralı Krem
Uraw Pudralı Krem
Uraw Pudralı Krem

Uraw Pudralı Krem

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Yerli Üretim Doğal Ürün Dermo Tested Alcohol Free Geri Dönüşüm



    Transparent mineral powder in Uraw Powdered Cream; It has been processed three times in the mill to create a light and silky texture. This cream helps to control excess oil and leaves the skin looking smooth. In addition, wheat flour in the cream fills fine lines and pores of the skin. Misket rose oil in this product also has special effects, which helps prevent the redness of the skin. Finally, while creating an anti-acne effect with the help of camphor oil in its formula, it supports the regeneration of the skin with natural extracts of chamomile effectively.


    Micro fine mineral powder, Roman chamomile oil, musk rose oil, lavender oil, camphor oil, moringa oil, fibrous laurel oil, natural vitamin E, wheat flour.
    Wheat flour: wheat flour comes with many beneficial properties; provides the nutrients that the skin needs, reduces the amount of oil in the skin and reduces the amount of oil in the skin and protective moisture, helps to give elasticity to the skin and permanently shrink pores.
    Roman chamomile: Roman chamomile refreshes the skin, revitalizes the skin tissue and helps protect it from negative external factors.
    Misket rose oil: It is a popular dead skin cleansing oil, keeps your skin and face younger and healthy-looking shine, helps prevent premature skin aging.
    Camphor oil: Camphor Oil is known to benefit the oily and acne-prone skin by preventing a build-up of oil, dirt, and bacteria and by reducing inflammation. This oil helps to naturally moisturize and soothe dry, painful skin.
    Moringa oil: As a cosmetic oil, moringa has benefits for moisturizing and cleansing skin. In addition, this oil is used to protect the skin from free-radicals and the signs of aging caused by environmental damage.


    Apply Uraw Powdered Cream in a thin layer to certain points of your face skin then spread it on the skin with light massage movements from bottom to top. A clean and slightly moisturized skin enhances the effect of the cream. You can also apply the cream to your neck neckline.


    All products that are on sale in our site are available in our stock; Orders placed until 17:00 on weekdays and 12:00 on Saturdays are delivered on the same day. Orders placed on Sundays and public holidays are shipped on the first business day. Delivery time is 1 business day for Istanbul and 1-3 business days for other provinces. If you wish, you can make online payments via credit card or Money Order / EFT on our website or as a single shot with cash or credit card during delivery. By law, there is no option for installment on credit card for cosmetic products. You can pay your orders on all credit cards in one shot.
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